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Belly Dance  Lessons

Belly dance is  an expression of feminine sensuality and beauty

No matter your size age or level of fitness, Belly dance classes are for you!

No experience necessary, just come along with a view for fun!

Belly dancing lessons are held regularly at the Basement for all levels: for fun and for those who would like to develop performance skills.

Classes are conducted in a relaxed non threatening environment and all are welcome!

You might like to consider ballet slippers or pumps for shoes in class, but bare feet is fine.

It's more fun than the hard work of standard exercise classes. Learn this ancient  dance form and get fit at the same time!

What will I do in a class?

Learn  all the fundamentals  of belly dancing  technique! Develop knowledge about dancing  posture, movement isolation and an awareness of body alignment. Each class will include a series of belly dance movement drills.  

Classes will conclude with short, fun dance combinations.

Please click on our timetable link for course start dates.