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This  course is for adults with dance  experience  who would like  to develop their dance skills  further and gain a qualification

This course is a ten week introductory programme to Contemporary  Dance.

Some dance experience is necessary  but  may  be in other dance areas.

The programme employs a range of techniques including release designed to build strength , technical  development  and movement  confidence.   Students can also expect to improve balance, posture and alignment, through  movement sequences and technical exercises that develop over the programme period

The lesson lasts for approximately one hour and is generally run on Saturday afternoons.  Please check the timetable for specific times and dates

How are the courses assessed?

A minimum of eighty percent attendance is required to complete the course successfully

How do I  register?

All potential participants Should have a fair  foundation in dance. If you are not sure if you are eligible,  please send via email a copy of your  cv highlighting all previous dance training and other relevant experience to Judy John-Baptiste prior to registering.  You will receive a response via email regarding the course suitability.